Friday, 27 February 2015

Barbacoa Beef Wraps

This dish is so easy to make, you just throw it all in the slow cooker and wait!! I have used romaine lettuce leaves instead of wraps, which makes it less synful and you get a lot more super free. You can top the meat with anything you like, i only used coriander, chilli and yogurt, but you could use peppers, refined beans, cheese, salsa, avocado, but remember to syn the things that aren't free!!
The whole dish is 2 syns, but it served 4/6.


3lb braising steak cut into 2 inch chunks
4 garlic cloves
1 onion
2 tbsp chipotle paste 2 syns
juice of 2 limes
2 tbsp cider vinegar
3 bay leaves
1 tbsp ground cumin
1 tbsp dried oregano
2 tsp salt
1 tsp black pepper
2 cloves
200ml beef stock


In a blender blitz the onion and garlic until smooth with a tbsp of water.
Mix all the ingredients together then put into a slow cooker and cook on low for 8 hours.
When the meat is cook shred it in the slow cooker and let it cook for 10 more minutes so it absorbs the juices. Remove with tongs or a slotted spoon so it is not too wet in the wrap.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Mushroom and Green Bean Bhaji

This a lovely side dish that goes with any curry, especially my Chittinad Chicken Curry or grilled chicken or fish, even a nice steak.
Perfect for vegetarians as a main dish too. Syn free on extra easy and full of super free, Great for an SP day too.


1 onion
3 garlic cloves
1 tsp turmeric
1 tsp chilli powder
1 tsp ground cumin
1 tsp ground coriander
salt to taste
1 tbsp tomato puree
8oz mushrooms quartered
8oz green beans chopped into 3


Blitz the onion and garlic until smooth, mix together all the spices.
In a large pan sprayed with frylight, fry the onion mixture for 2 minutes over a low heat so as not to burn, then mix in the spices, salt and tomato puree. Have a cup of water ready. Add a tbsp of water to the mixture and keep stirring so the spices don't stick to the pan, keep doing this for about 5 minutes, you should end up with a sauce. Add the mushrooms and green beans, simmer until they are cooked through about 10 minutes, keep adding water if needed and stirring occasionally.

Chettinad Chicken Curry

I love this curry!! It has fast become my favourite one to make and of course eat....
You can make it as spicy as you like, by adding more chillies. It has desiccated coconut in it, but that is optional if you don't want the syns.


3 garlic cloves peeled
2 inches ginger peeled
6 boneless, skinless chicken thighs with all fat removed quartered
1 tsp turmeric
1 onion chopped
2 red chillies sliced
1 tbsp tomato purée
2 tbsp desiccated coconut toasted optional 9 syns
2 cinnamon sticks
400ml vegetable stock

Spice Mix

fennel seeds, cumin seeds, coriander seeds 2 tsp of each.
1 long dried chilli
1 star anise


Blitz the garlic and ginger with a tsp water until smooth, then mix with the turmeric and massage into the chicken, leave to marinade for at least an hour, if possible over night.
Toast all the whole spices in a pan until aromatic, then grind.
In a pan sprayed with frylight, fry the onion and red chilli seasoned with salt until soft, add the chicken, tomato purée, cinnamon sticks, coconut if using and spices, fry for 2 minutes, pour in the stock and simmer for 30 to 40 minutes.

I served it with rice and Mushroom and Green Bean Bhaji.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Thai Style Chicken with Lettuce Wraps

What a lovely meal, as you can see from the picture it is full of super free!! It would be great to serve at a party as people just help themselves. Instead of using synful wraps you use healthy and crisp lettuce leaves. The sauce finishes the wrap perfectly with a zing of sour, a touch of sweet and a slight kick of spicy!! and at 2.5 syns for the whole dish of sauce/marinade, you can practically say it's syn free as you only need about a tsp on each wrap.

So quick and easy to make apart from the marinading.

Sauce/Marinade Ingredients

3 tbsp rice vinegar
¼ tsp sweetener
2 tsp minced garlic
1 tbsp chilli sauce   ½ syn per tbsp
¼ cup light soy sauce
2 tsps of freshly grated ginger
1 tsp sesame oil   2 syns

Rest of Ingredients

3 chicken breasts, pounded till ½inch thick
About 8 romaine or iceburg lettuce leaves

You can use any vegetables you like, i used.

spring onions
coriander leaves
Chinese lettuce
red chilli


Mix together all the marinade ingredients, set aside half the sauce and marinade the chicken with the other half for at least an hour, over night if possible.

Heat a griddle pan until it is smoking, then add the chicken to the pan cooking for about 3 minutes on each side, let it rest for 10 minutes then slice into thin slices.

Prepare all your vegetables and serve.

Friday, 30 January 2015

Salmon with Fennel and New Potatoes

I have never really been a big fennel fan, i love the anise taste but never liked the texture, but having it roasted with the soft and oily salmon is a match made in heaven. The roasted new potatoes are an extra touch of deliciousness!!

This dish is syn free and very filling. I like it served with roasted green beans and broccoli.

Preheat oven gas mark 5, 200c, 400f.


1 onion cut into wedges
2 fennel bulbs cut into wedges keep the green feathery foliage
12 new potatoes halved
handful mint leaves torn
salt and pepper
zest of ½ lemon


In a large pan of boiling water, parboil the potatoes and fennel for 6 minutes, then drain and let steam dry.
Transfer to a tray sprayed with frylight, spray with more frylight sprinkle with salt and pepper and the mint leaves, bake for 30 minutes, tossing half way through, after 30 minutes add the salmon to the tray and sprinkle over the lemon zest and green foliage, bake for 10 minutes, then serve.

Gammon and Roasted Vegetable Pasta

I was going through the fridge trying to decide what to have for dinner, I was having a fussy day, but remembered i really enjoyed the roasted vegetables i made the other day, then i noticed some leftover pasta and a gammon steak, so i decided to put it all together. I'm so glad i did as it was yummy!!!!

This dish is syn free and full of super free.

Preheat oven gas mark 5, 200c, 400f.


1 onion chopped
1 pepper sliced
1 tbsp capers
2 tomatoes halved
1 gammon steak fat removed and diced
8 mushrooms sliced
2 cups cooked pasta
1 tsp Cajun seasoning


In a tray sprayed with frylight place the tomatoes, and scatter the onions and pepper around them, then sprinkle over the capers, season and roast for about 20 minutes.
In a pan sprayed with frylight, fry the gammon until cooked through, then remove. Then fry the mushrooms until golden.
Warm the pasta in a covered microwave bowl for 2 minutes. 
When the vegetables are cooked add to the pan, with the gammon and pasta, crush the tomatoes and then stir together until all the pasta is coated, then serve.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Indonisian Chicken Fried Rice

This is a very quick and easy meal to make. It has now become one of my husbands favourite dishes that i make. I agree it is very yummy!!!
I love rice and when its paired with very tasty spices and condiments it can't get much better.
You can use whatever vegetables you like in this, i say the more the better!
It isn't syn free but still a lot healthier than a take away.

Makes 3 large servings


1 onion diced
2 garlic cloves finely chopped
8oz mushrooms chopped
1 tsp ground ginger
½ tsp turmeric
1 tsp ground cumin
2 chicken breast diced
3 cups cooked basmati rice
2 tbsp chilli sauce 1 syn
2 tbsp ketjap manis 6 syns depending on brand
3 tbsp soy sauce
1 cup bean sprouts
1 cup of sliced Chinese leaves
1 chilli sliced
Juice of ½ a lime


In a wok or large pan sprayed with frylight, stir fry the onions, until soft, then add the mushrooms and stir fry until golden, then add the garlic and chicken, when the chicken is sealed add all the dry spices, stir for 1 minute.then add the rice and stir to combine, add the chilli sauce, ketjap manis and soy sauce, stir through to combine. Add the vegetables and sliced chilli, stir fry for 3 minutes. squeeze over the lime juice and serve.

Tuna and Vegetable Baked Eggs

This dish was inspired by a trip we took to Tunisia, the dish there is called a Shukshuka, this is my take on it.
I basically used up the veggies i had in the fridge and decided to add a tin of tuna to it to bulk it out a bit, so really it is not like the Tunisian dish, but I'm thankful for it's inspiration!! It was still really good and syn free!!!

This dish is great for an SP day.

I would like to say this pan served two but it didn't i ate it all myself!!


1 onion chopped
8oz mushrooms sliced
2 jarred red peppers sliced
1 courgette sliced and mooned
1 tin of tomatoes
1 tsp Cajun seasoning
1 tbsp capers
1 tin tuna in brine
2 eggs
salt and pepper to taste


In a pan sprayed with frylight, fry the onions until soft, add the mushrooms and fry until golden, then add the peppers and courgette and fry until soft, add the rest of the ingredients apart from the eggs let it simmer for 10 minutes, Make 2 wells in the mixture and crack in the eggs, put under a high grill until the eggs are to your liking, then enjoy!!!

You could use your healthy A and B with this meal, a nice wholemeal roll to mop up the juices and sprinkle some feta over the top.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Fisherman's Soup

If you love fish and seafood you with love this soup, light and refreshing, but warming on a cold winters night! Synfree on extra easy, and very filling, full of protein from the fish and there's superfree in there too.
You will notice in my method that i cook the squid for a long time, with squid it either has to be quickly seared or simmered for at least 30 minutes for it be tender.

This recipe makes 2 large bowls or 4 for starters.


1 onion finely diced
2 garlic cloves finely chopped
1 red pepper finely diced
1 large carrot finely diced
½ tsp chilli flakes or more if you like it hotter
1 tin tomatoes
750ml fish stock
1 tsp dried oregano
½ tsp celery salt
1 tsp paprika
salt and pepper
2 tbsp capers
1 packet frozen prepared squid, i get mine from Asda, cut into rings, use the tenticules too.
2 tilapia fillets
20 large shrimp
Basil to serve


In a large pot sprayed with frylight fry the onions until soft, add the carrot, pepper, garlic and chilli flakes, fry for 4 minutes. Pour in the tomatoes and stock then add the herbs and spices.
Add the capers and squid, bring to a boil then simmer for 30 minutes. Add the shrimp and tilapia and simmer until they are cooked through then serve.

Spicy Beef and Red Pepper Soup with Giant Cous Cous

Soup!!! Think i may have to start a page for soups, there is nothing like a hot steaming bowl in this weather and when it's got a little kick it makes it all the better!!
To bulk this dish out i added some giant cous cous and it was fab! It didn't make it heavy but made it slightly more filling.
You could add rice or orzo to it also.
This dish is synfree on extra easy, so even better, you could use some of your syns for a nice chunk of bread to mop the bowl out!!

I managed to make 6 portions out of these ingredients.


1 kg minced beef 5% fat or less
1 onion finely diced
2 red peppers finely diced
2 garlic cloves finely chopped
1 red chilli deseeded and finely chopped
1 tin tomatoes
500ml passata
500ml beef stock
500ml vegetable stock
1 tsp smoked paprika
1 tsp dried basil
1 tsp dried parsley
1 tsp dried oregano
one large handful of giant cous cous


In a large pot sprayed with frylight brown the minced beef then remove. Add the onions to the pot and fry until soft, then add the peppers, chilli and garlic fry for 2 minutes. Add the rest of the ingredients apart from the cous cous, bring to a boil, return the mince to the pot, cover and simmer for 30 minutes. Stir in the cous cous and cook for about 15 minutes until it is cooked.

I like to serve mine with some avocado and goats cheese, but remember to syn them if you do.